Monday, December 28, 2009

MBA or not

I've considered a couple of times pursuing a MBA...

however, according to HBR's latest top 100 best-performing CEOs list, 5 out of the top 10 do not have one. The top 3 do not have one.

Just checked further, 10 out of top 15 do not have one.


Customer-driven capitalism

Finally something moving in the right direction, about time we realised this...

excerpt from HBR
Modern capitalism can be broken down into two major eras. The first, managerial capitalism, began in 1932 and was defined by the then radical notion that firms ought to have professional management. The second, shareholder value capitalism, began in 1976. Its governing premise is that the purpose of every corporation should be to maximize shareholders' wealth. If firms pursue this goal, the thinking goes, both shareholders and society will benefit. This is a tragically flawed premise, and it is time we abandoned it and made the shift to a third era: customer-driven capitalism.

Wow... been sometime

Thought I'd just pay this site a visit again, and wow... had no idea that I've actually written a fair bit... must be strangely fun for people who keep diaries and to visit them at a much later date...

still considering if I should pen my thoughts in a blog...

or what should I really write about

Monday, April 07, 2008

Huh? Perfect Job?

4 years since I've ventured into the corporate world. I still remember very vividly that upon graduation, I wanted so much to work in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, where the "buzz" of it all was going to be..... and I landed a job that is much closer to home; a suburb.
What luck.... I used to bitch about it, "I'm working in a jungle, I see monkeys sometimes on my way to work..."

2 years later, I managed to get myself a place at one of the Twin Towers in town... who cares, I don't need a room, I just need a view!

oooh the energy buzzing around me as I step out of the LRT to be part of a bunch of people in corporate attire and "zombie" towards our offices on one of the 88 floors of the Twin Towers.... "YEAH baby! My dream come true..... I knew applying The Secret* would work!" 3 months later after waking up really early in the morning to get the best parking spot, sandwiching myself into the LRT, "zombie" with everyone else past the security checkpoints, staying back later than expected because it rained and LRT don't work when it rains......... working in town ain't that great. Trust me.

A year later, after having harnessing the Power of Attraction (a.k.a The Secret); I've done it again! I managed to worm myself out of the heart of the capital, and am now happy and humbly back in a suburb closer to the green jungle.

Well, lesson learnt, work is not about prestige, nor is it about glamour. There's not much glamour when you really dread going to work everyday, is there? The only time you probably feel that your job is glamorous is when you get to mention to one of your buddies, "I work for a Multi National Cooperation which is located on the highest floor of the 2nd tallest building in the world....." when in truth, you really hate what you are doing.

So, what's the secret to finding the right job?
I don't know, but what I do know, for myself, is that the location of the office does matter, although not too important, but it's important enough because being in Malaysia, especially in PJ/KL, the condition of the traffic does play a role in knocking the balance off life vs. work time....
The culture of the company matters, what are the values of the company that the people are guided by? sounds like mushy stuff, but it'll help if you manage to work in a place where your values align well with the firm's.
Size of the company has an influence of what you will actually learn and be exposed to, too large a firm, you face the risk of knowing only what you do; too small a firm, you learn everything there is to know about doing business, but you many not have much opportunity to grow within the company. As the size of the company varies, so do the peoples' attitude and behaviour, and the type of talent differs as well.
Remuneration is the carrot at the end of the stick, part of the biggest reason why we go to work. Like it or not, how much you get paid is going to help you get through the tough times at work... finding the job you love without the dough? Just remember that you can't pay your electric bill with love....
The leadership, hard to judge, but at least, try to start off with the right boss! Although most of the time, you'll need to be extremely good at face and body reading and some kind of psychic abilities. If you don't get a pleasant boss, at least be consoled that by going through the rough patch with that kind of boss is going to make you a tougher person.... ;-)
I believe the saying (although not entirely, because $$ matters too) that goes; "do what you love and you don't have to work for the rest of your life anymore." However, for those who are like me, yet to find your real interest... if it makes you feel any better, I'm still searching. Perhaps the answer is just simply, just love what you're given to do! Tho', I wish that it was just that easy.... hah!

anyway, Monday is coming up... *zzz*

*The Secret, some bestseller that basically says that if one is to think and believe hard enough of what we want, also act accordingly towards this "want", the "want" will become a reality. That's just the gist of it, find out more via Wikipedia or at Amazon...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

rough patch, feb 2008

as buddha puts it, life is suffering...

amazing how much thought has been put into the countless words of wisdoms that is out there for us to refer to and attempt to understand. These words of wisdoms tend to "summarise" the lesson and that's it..... what about the "what" is it, and "how" to deal with it..?


am certainly going through a rough patch now.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

just finished an unexpected good read

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

my dad passed this book to me, citing "it's a good book" (yes, men are not meant to be very descriptive... gotta get used to it)

I looked at the cover, and a passing thought, " my dad? fiction? thought he was more into autobiographies". Seldom do I pick up a novel, most often you will see me lingering along the "Management, Self-Help, How-to" aisle...

anyway, this is a must pick up, the emotions are very well captured by the author and he takes the reader on a very emotional ride. One quote which I liked very much, "a man who has no conscience, no goodness, does not suffer".

On a side note, I guess times when we actually do feel guilt, in a way, it is a good thing as it only confirms that we have some good in us....? :-)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hanoi rocks!

was in Hanoi, Vietnam for a short biz trip, short flight from Kuala Lumpur and managed to have half a Sunday to walk the old quarters of the city centre. The last time I was here with two of my buddies on a back-packing-sort-of-trip (it was our aim to meet at least once a year somewhere in the world). 2004 was Hanoi and we had a tremendously good time; rented mopeds, bumped into little parks tucked somewhere in the outer ring of the city, sipped strong sweet coffee, climb hills, played cards with a local boy, got conned by a bunch of farmers, fell off the bike, hunted for the best "pho" in town, checked out the local clubs, got 3 massages in a day......and many other memories we'll fondly reminisce about when we do meet again.

Book a trip to Hanoi, get a map, guide book, rent a bike, cruise the city, talk to the locals, have coffee, eat by the street, check out the local night scenes and have a blast!

Hanoi city centre by night. Locals tend to circle the roundabout here in the evening; taken from a restaurant just at the corner of a block overlooking the lake and inter-section of the main streets. One of the photos shows part of a building being renovated, in 04' we were just sitting there by the road side having Hanoi Beer watching riders whizz by.

Souvenir for USD 1 & 2004, We love Hanoi.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

today's dose

saw a picture posted by a buddy on her msn, passed me the link...
stickgal cartoons - pretty entertaining

here's a sample, I watched this over the weekend...

thanks couz for sharing the Starcraft II launch! delicious. I'll prob need to purchase a whole new system just to play this game... computers used to be cheaper when my father would just pay for it.