Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hanoi rocks!

was in Hanoi, Vietnam for a short biz trip, short flight from Kuala Lumpur and managed to have half a Sunday to walk the old quarters of the city centre. The last time I was here with two of my buddies on a back-packing-sort-of-trip (it was our aim to meet at least once a year somewhere in the world). 2004 was Hanoi and we had a tremendously good time; rented mopeds, bumped into little parks tucked somewhere in the outer ring of the city, sipped strong sweet coffee, climb hills, played cards with a local boy, got conned by a bunch of farmers, fell off the bike, hunted for the best "pho" in town, checked out the local clubs, got 3 massages in a day......and many other memories we'll fondly reminisce about when we do meet again.

Book a trip to Hanoi, get a map, guide book, rent a bike, cruise the city, talk to the locals, have coffee, eat by the street, check out the local night scenes and have a blast!

Hanoi city centre by night. Locals tend to circle the roundabout here in the evening; taken from a restaurant just at the corner of a block overlooking the lake and inter-section of the main streets. One of the photos shows part of a building being renovated, in 04' we were just sitting there by the road side having Hanoi Beer watching riders whizz by.

Souvenir for USD 1 & 2004, We love Hanoi.


QueenSLeen said...

3 massages in a day??



cheo said...

uh huh, that was the highlight.... after the 3rd massage, i swear we felt we had the powers of contortionists!

Sasi a.k.a Saz said...

waaa - soo nice :)